Shaping the future with responsibility and inspiration

Globalization and Digitization unfold opportunities for business, government and society. On the other hand, they accelerate global risks and crises, and increase complexity and uncertainty. The information overload of digital networks weakens orientation and righteous judgment. As a result, principles of good governance and leadership fail. Managers and employees express the need for a meaningful engagement: How can we shape the future of our organizations and communities with responsibility and inspiration?

The Management Academie Weimar supports organizations from business, government, science and society in creating value-based cooperation,leadership and governance as well as the cultural change, which is needed to accomplish these goals. It offers a room for leaders to collectively reflect, to exchange experience and to develop future-oriented competences in management and design: integral leadership skills, the ability to communicate and interact, the possibility to deal with complexity and uncertainty (agile / adaptive management competence), the management of risks and potential, sound methodological skills, the ability to reflect, orientation and judgment.

The Weimar Management Model developed by the Academy serves as map for orientation: Who do we choose to be? What skills can we develop? Which virtues do we want to promote? What paradoxical requests do we experience in leadership situations? What challenges has our environment to offer? 

Using impulses from the Cultural Capital Weimar, the Academy applies to its city´s tradition of interdisciplinary dialogue. Based on the humanistic belief of the Weimar Classic and its holistic understanding of the world, the Academy integrates management practice, science, philosophy and art and promotes the development of all human potential. 

The Villa Ingrid Convention Center is located in the residential area of Weimar within walking distance of the cultural monuments and parks. With a park-like garden, a library and a fireplace room, the Academy provides space, which inspires to shared reflection, exchange of experiences and innovation.  

Welcome to the Management Academy Weimar!