Shaping the future with responsibility and inspiration

Globalization and Digitization unfold opportunities for business, government and society. On the other hand, they accelerate global risks and crises, and increase complexity and uncertainty. The information overload of digital networks weakens orientation and righteous judgment. As a result, principles of good governance and leadership fail. How can we shape the future of our organizations and communities with responsibility and inspiration?

The Management Academie Weimar supports organizations from business, government, science and society in creating value-based cooperation,leadership and governance as well as the cultural change, which is needed to accomplish these goals. It offers a room to collectively reflect, to exchange experience and to develop future-oriented integral management and design competences: for dialog and reflection, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, seeing  risks and sustainable potential, orientation and judgment.

The Weimar Management Model developed by the Academy serves as map for orientation: Who do we choose to be? What skills can we develop? Which virtues do we want to promote? What paradoxical requests do we experience in leadership situations? What challenges has our environment to offer? 

Using impulses from the Cultural Capital Weimar, the Academy applies to its city´s tradition of interdisciplinary dialogue. Based on the humanistic belief of the Weimar Classic and its holistic understanding of the world, the Academy integrates management practice, science, philosophy and art and promotes the development of all human potential. 

The Villa Ingrid Convention Center is located in the residential area of Weimar within walking distance of the cultural monuments and parks. With a park-like garden, a library and a fireplace room, the Academy provides space, which inspires to shared reflection, exchange of experiences and innovation.  

Welcome to the Management Academy Weimar!



As add-on to the open events, in collaboration with its clients, the Management Akademie Weimar contrives convenient custom-made workshops and programs with innovative formats for the development of individual and organizational skills for digital transformation.


-       Seminars / Workshops to bring about insights and experiences from science and practice and are used to develop required competencies


-       Continuous Education Programs for managers and project managers


-       Change Programs in order to shape digital transformation


-       Forums / Briefings to give orientation to new developments and impulses to interconnect and exchange experience


-       Academy Talks / Fireside Evenings are opportunities to enhance the informal exchange of experience in between a small circle of decision-makers and influencers


-       Strategy Workshops to develop strategic concepts (as example corporate mission statement, value and strategy development, leadership concept)


-       Future Workshops enable the use of the organization´s resources for organizational development. Team leaders and service providers can spend a time together, apart from the routine of everyday life, to develop existing potentials further and to contribute their knowledge in solving holistic problems


-       (Management) Team Retreats – embedded in the perfect setting, the Management Akademie Weimar, support (Leadership) teams who are focused on developing goals and strategies and want to intensify their interdependent cooperation


-       Individual Retreats create space for the development and integration of one's own potential and clarification of one's own values. Through philosophical impulses, cultural offerings, nature experience and creative activity, they give the opportunity to open up internal sources and also serve burnout prevention


-       Philosophical Academy Talks to focus on questions of management ethics and practice


-       Consulting and Coaching of executives and leaders


 Together we develop new ways in realizing future potential! 


Convention Center Villa Ingrid - Room for connection, exchange and development

-      Villa Ingrid creates a special atmosphere for discussions, exchange of experiences and innovation.

-      Garden, Fireplace, Library and Cafeteria are meeting places, and serve as communal space for collaboration and co-creation as well as creative solution making.

-      Conference speakers and guests can stay overnight in Villa Ingrid or in partner hotels.

-      Villa Ingrid is located in a quiet residential area of Weimar in the vicinity of the Nietzsche Archive, villas built by Henry van der Velde and the homes of Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky and Rudolf Steiner.

-      The city center and parks with their cultural monuments are to be found in walking distance of about 10 minutes.

-      The convention center Villa Ingrid is open for corporate events.

-       The apartments of Villa Ingrid can be used by Weimar visitors as well.


Impulses of Weimar

Weimar is a place of German Humanities and Intellectual History which, even today, still gives us agenda setting impulses: 
-       The intellectual legacy of the Weimar Classic: Goethe's holistic critique of the modern concept of science and economics, as well as Schiller's concept of    social change through aesthetic education, deepen the dialogue on leadership as a way of shaping the future.
-       The Musical innovations of Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Liszt's "Zukunftsmusik" are contributed by the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and come to    life in numerous events in the city.
-       The architectural, artistic and pedagogical achievements of the Bauhaus are continued in the Bauhaus University and the Center for Innovative Construction. Inspired by its concept, the Management Akademie Weimar sees itself as a "laboratory for management practice".  
After the development of Germany into the first democracy with the Weimarer Verfassung followed by the deep crash into the barbarism of the concentration camp Buchenwald nearby, Weimar inherited a special responsibility of spiritual vigilance - in the sense of Friedrich Nietzsche's criticism of the "heartbreaking disease and blood poisoning of nationalism" of the "overburdened heirs of the ancient European spirit. " 
From its beginnings until nowadays, Weimar is a place for "think tanks", which brought about and accelerated innovation and released development potential through collaborative exchanges between science, art, politics and business. We wish to follow this tradition, which once began within the “Musenhof” of Duchess Anna Amalia and Goethe's interdisciplinary "Friday Society": the exchange between different experiences, various disciplines and the joint vision of future potential are essential components of all Management Akademie Weimar events. The academy encourages to resist the digital incapacitation and the destruction of the basic principles of European humanism, which still is the remaining powerful expression of the Spirit of Weimar.